Floral Paintings

I have a large collection of floral paintings. Originally I started painting this subject when I got back into painting in 95. It started with an Iris and evolved from there. I love to make the image Big and Bold. I sometimes receive flowers from my daughter as she takes photographs for a florist working in Toronto doing Weddings and other events. When I say some flowers it usually consists of buckets of flowers. If you need a florist for an event I know a great one! I then photograph or draw freehand the flowers to create these pieces. 

Orchid Power
24x24 Oil

Southern Ontario Orchid Show
1st in class & 1st prize overall

Orange Slide
12x24 Oil
1st prize and best in class Orchid show 2014

Capillary Orchid
12x24 Oil
3rd prize in Orchid show 2017

Dahlia Power

Honourable Mention in Pine Ridge Art Council, juried show 


Glimpse of Red
36x24 Oil

In the Pink
12x12 Oil
1st prize Peony Festival Oshawa 2017

Robert McLaughlin Gallery 
Oshawa Art Association Juried Show
Dahlia Punch 1 & 2

Top to bottom
Dahlia Power, Dahlia Punch 1&2, Ice Lilies Dip Tych, Anthurium Trio 

Fuchsia Peony


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